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Posted on August 10, 2015 at 11:26 AM
     You know...the #1 question I'm asked is: "Does it cost extra for ________?" Whether it be Deep Tissue, Reflexology or Hot Stone, my patients are still in the mindset that all massage therapists charge extra for anything outside of Swedish Massage.
     Here's the deal: I may have to use more than one method to get stubborn knots to dissolve and get the relief each patient so desperately needs. So, I may start with Swedish for relaxation with some Aromatherapy, use Trigger Point therapy on the shoulders, some Kinesiology for increased range of motion and then finish with Reflexology on the feet to get all the meridians aligned. Phew!!! Sound expensive? Absolutely not. 
     My pricing is for the time spent in the room...not for what modality I incorporate into the massage. I may have a walk-in patient with only seven minutes to spare before heading to work with severe headache and only require a CranialSacral Release. Or, a patient that tried to remodel their house in one weekend and now I'm doing repair and relaxation work on fatigued muscles. Then again, a frozen shoulder that requires ice and Tui Na....etc... This is why I don't categorize my massages. Each massage is considered Therapeutic. And the price?
    Same price, every time. $1 a minute. That's right only $1 a minute. Simple enough to understand...and no confusion when purchasing Gift Certificates for others. And massages can last anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours. (The majority are usually between 30-60 minutes.) So, call today and let's discuss which method will help you the most and get you on the books for your Therapeutic Massage!

Categories: Massage

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